Introducing Pac-Bun

Fri, 21 Aug 2020

Pac-Bun likes to poo...

PacBun is a small rabbit that likes to poo. Everywhere. PacBun and his friends delight in leaving a small, perfectly formed excretion at every point in a series of mazes. It's "reverse PacMan" - no consumption and clearing of pills here; production and spread of poo is the aim of the game.

PacBun is an "intermediate" game. It's a "finish what you started" game. A journeyman's test. It's not "triple-A", nor even single "A". "B" would be nice, but maybe "P" would do. But it will be a fully realised, complete product. And hopefully it'll be fun with it.

I've written a lot of scraps of games. It's the recommended first step for any game developer. There's even lists suggesting the correct series of games, escalating in complexity, that a novice developer should write in order to gain the correct skills to attempt something more ambitious. From what I can tell, few people "graduate" to writing their ambitious magnum opus - PacBun is my stepping stone to it. I hope I don't slip and fall!


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